Connectivity Recommendations

The CloudShell lab environment uses standard web ports (HTTP/HTTPS) for connecting and working in the labs. We recommend all users have sufficient bandwidth and connectivity when connecting to the CloudShell environment. To verify, please run a Speed Test from the classroom or user's location.

  • Ideal Ping readings should be less than 100ms and not more than 200ms. If your ping times are higher, you may find connectivity sluggish.
  • Ideal Download readings should be greater than 5Mbs and Upload readings should be greater than 2Mbs
  • If possible, we recommend disconnecting from any VPN sessions before connecting to the CloudShell environment.
  • Always use a high-speed wireless or wired connection when connecting the CloudShell environment. 

If the customer or training site is using very strict web proxy/firewall they need to ensure the following ES Lab public servers are allowed:

  • (http-80 and https-443) -
  • (https-443)-
  • (https-443)-
  • (https-443)-
  • (https-443)-
  • (https-443)-
  • (https-443)-

NOTE: Some users have experienced issues when connecting through a wireless network or through a very slow network. If you receive this error, disconnect, try to correct the network problems and connect again. 


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