How an Instructor Starts a Adobe Connect Webinar through the Learning Portal

In order to launch the webinar and test it an instructor should do the following-

  1. Log into the LP with their credentials. If the user is configured as an instructor and has been assigned to the course they will be able to start the webinar.
  2. Locate and click the “Administration” link in the gray box on the right.
  3. A list of activities is displayed. In the search box enter the designator for the class (IJOS, JRE, etc.). In this example I’ve entered IJOS. Click “GO”
  4. From the items returned, click the IJOS-ILO activity.
  5. The IJOS-ILO info page is displayed. Scroll down to the “Scheduled Events”. From the events displayed, locate the one the instructor will be teaching. In this example, a single event is displayed. This is the class. Click the event ID.
  6. The event information is displayed. Click the “Start Webinar” link. This will launch Adobe Connect and drop the instructor into the Adobe Connect session as the host and manager. The instructor can do this anytime prior to the session start if they want to practice with Adobe Connect and get some experience using it. They can pre-load the instructional content as well.

Note that students also launch into the session from the Learning Portal. But their process is different. They launch from the student side rather than the admin side.

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