General Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find information about Juniper Networks certifications and exams?

A: You can visit our website to view all of the certification information, including exam information, prerequisite requirements, and recommended training for each certification. Select your desired certification from the Certification Tracks table.

Q: What are the certification levels?

A: The Juniper Networks Certification Program has four certification levels:

  • Associate level (JNCIA and JNCDA)
  • Specialist level (JNCIS and JNCDS)
  • Professional level (JNCIP)
  • Expert level (JNCIE)

Q: What are the certification exam fees?

A:  The registration fees for each certification exam are shown below. Additionally, applicable taxes will be applied to your registration.

     JNCIA/JNCDA: $200

     JNCIS/JNCDS: $300

     JNCIP: $400

     JNCIE: $1600

Q: How do I know if I am required to earn a prerequisite certification?

A:    Go to the Certification Tracks page and select the certification you are interested in. View the prerequisite certification listed for each certification

NOTE: Written exam may be taken in any order. Candidates are responsible for ensuring all prerequisite requirements are fulfilled. Prerequisite requirements are not waived for any reason.

Q: What are the Juniper Networks certification statuses?

A: Juniper Networks certifications have two certification statuses:

Active Status

  • Timeframe: Three Years
  • Eligible for benefits
  • Can be recertified from current level
  • Can be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements
  • Can be used to qualify for lab exams on the same track
  • Qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements

Expired Status

  • Timeframe: At the end of the active status
  • Cannot be recertified from the current level
  • Candidates with an expired certification must start over at the beginning of the track and re-earn each certification in that track
  • NOT eligible for benefits
  • Cannot be used to fulfill any prerequisite requirements
  • Cannot be used to qualify for lab exams in the same track
  • Do not qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements

Q: How do I recertify?

A: You can recertify through testing and course attendance. For more information, visit our ‘Recertification’ webpage.

Note that all Associate-level certifications are eligible for cross-track recertification. Earning a new or recertifying any certification, also recertifies all Associate-level certifications that are currently in the active status.

Q: How do I purchase certification exam vouchers using Juniper Training Credits (JTCs)?

A: You can purchase certification exam vouchers using JTCs by submitting a ticket here. You must include the JTC account code, type, and quantity of each voucher when submitting a ticket. The order will be processed and vouchers will be sent to the requestor in 1-2 business days.

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