Emeritus Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Emeritus Program?

A: The Emeritus Program is our way of recognizing a candidate's long-standing dedication to the Juniper Networks Certification Program at the highest level. A JNCIE Emeritus is an honorary designation and has no role or skill-specific implications. It is intended for individuals who no longer have the need or the desire to keep their JNCIE certification active after a period of nine years or more.

Q: How do I enroll in the Emeritus Program?

A: Enrollment in the Emeritus program automatically occurs nine years from the earned date of each eligible JNCIE certification. Only the JNCIE certification, and not the underlying certifications, will receive the Emeritus status.

Q: When will my Emeritus expire?

A: As currently configured, your Emeritus designation will never expire.

Q: I received a notification that my JNCIE will expire, but it has already been enrolled in the Emeritus Program. Why did I receive this notification?

A: The JNCIE and all underlying certifications within the track will expire if not recertified. It is ultimately the candidate's decision to continue to hold the active JNCIE certification, which will remain an industry-recognized means of verifying that candidate's skillset. 

Q: Can I reactivate my expired certifications within the Emeritus track back to the active status?

A: Yes. You must complete one of the existing recertification requirements for your JNCIE certification to do so. Your initial JNCIE active date and certification number will be preserved.

Q: Can I maintain an active status for my JNCIE certification after it was enrolled in the Emeritus program?

A: Yes. Given that the Emeritus designation is automatically provided on the 9-year anniversary of when a JNCIE certification is earned, it is possible for candidates to continue to also maintain the active status for the same certification.

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