Juniper 5-3-1 Certified Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be 5-3-1 certified?

A: 5-3-1 is the designation we are using for when a candidate holds a minimum of:

  • Five active Associate-level certifications (5A);
  • Three active Specialist-level certifications (3S); and
  • One active Professional-level certification (1P).

Q: Is there a 5-3-1 digital badge?

A: Yes, you will receive a notification of the limited-edition Juniper Networks 5-3-1 Certified badge’s availability via the Credly platform once you meet the requirements above.

Q: Does Juniper provide discounted exam vouchers to help candidates become 5-3-1 certified?

A: Yes! You may earn 75% discounted exam vouchers for all of our Associate-level through Juniper Open Learning.

Additionally, you will earn 75% discounted vouchers for our higher-level written exams when you reach the specific certification milestones listed below.

  • When you become JNCIA x 5, we will provide up to 3 discounted Specialist-level exam vouchers (conditions apply)
  • When you become JNCIS x 3, we will provide 1 discounted Professional-level exam voucher (conditions apply)                     

Q: If I am already 5-3-1 certified, can I request discounted exam vouchers?

A: No, this offer only applies to candidates who are not yet Juniper 5-3-1 Certified.

Q: How will the discounted exam vouchers be distributed?

A: Email notifications with instructions on how to request a voucher will be sent to the candidate’s primary email address listed in CertMetrics once one of the milestones above is met.

Q: Can I request more than one discounted exam voucher at a time?

A: No, you may request only one voucher at a time.

Q: How many discounted exam vouchers can I request?

A: You may receive up to three Specialist-level exam vouchers and one professional-level exam voucher. Your specialist-level voucher request will be denied if you are or become JNCIS x 3 certified; similarly, you professional-level voucher request will be denied if you already hold an active professional-level certification.

Q: Will the discounted exam voucher cover the complete cost of the exam?

A: The vouchers provided will cover 75% of the cost of the exam and may be subject to taxes. Any and all taxes are the sole and personal responsibility of the recipient of any voucher provided under this promotion.

Q: Once I receive my discounted exam voucher, how long is it valid?

A: The discounted voucher code will be valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Q: I did not use my discounted exam voucher before it expired. Can you extend the deadline or issue me a new voucher?

A: No, the expiration date cannot be extended, and the voucher cannot be replaced.

Q: Can I give or sell my discounted exam voucher to someone else?

A: Vouchers are non-transferrable, non-substitutable, and may not be redeemed for cash. If you violate these terms, then you will not be provided with additional vouchers through this offer.

Q: When will this limited-time offer expire?

A: We may modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this promotion at any time and without any liability. Any modifications to the promotion will have immediate effect.

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