Logging In - Reservations Page

Use the following URL to log in to the Juniper Ed Services lab portal.

Enter the username and password provided.

NOTE: Usernames are *not active* until the reservations have started.

Student Login

After successfully logging in as either a student or instructor for the first time, by default you will land on the Reservations page. If you haven't already, be sure to read more about username assignments here.

If you are using an Instructor account, you will see a list of both the student reservations as well as a "main" reservation. You will find useful information such as the the Instructor and student reservation names and the event time remaining.

The Instructor can choose to enter the main reservation (which will show all of the student devices) or into an individual student reservation (which will just display that particular student's devices). Below is a screen shot of a typical Instructor reservations page. 

Instructor Reservations Page

If you are using a student account, you will see a list of the student reservation(s) and some other useful information. Below is a screen shot of a typical student reservations page. 

Student Reservations Page

 Click on the active reservation in to enter the lab topology view.

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