Connecting to Lab Resources

There are several ways to connect to a lab resource, depending on the type of resource it is. Hardware devices typically allow telnet, SSH and console access. Virtual machine resources may allow VNC, Virtual Console and direct SSH. 

When a user connection request is made through the resource's "Connect" arrow (i.e. the "Down" arrow), a new browser window is automatically opened for user access using a clientless HTML5 interface called a "Guacamole" server.

Below is a quick video example of an SSH session being opened on an MX80 device. To use the device simply navigate to the new window, log in with the appropriate credentials and interact with the device as you normally would.

Basic copying and pasting through the HTML5 interface is possible, but perhaps a bit cumbersome. Visit our Copy/Paste article for more information.

NOTE: Chrome has a limit of six Guacamole tabs open at once. If more tabs are needed, Firefox is a good option.

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