Extending Student Reservations

Instructors have the ability to extend student reservations directly through their Environment Topology page. Extensions can be granted up to 24 hours at a time and no more than twice during a class. The extension will be permitted ONLY if the resources are available. If the resources are not available for some reason, an error will be returned.


  - Extensions should be granted with discretion by the Instructor only and for legitimate reasons (students missed part of the class, technical difficulties with labs, etc.).

- A single student reservation extension cannot be granted, this function will extend ALL student reservations for that class.

 - If you have two racks/reservations, this must be completed in each reservation separately.

Follow this procedure to extend student reservations:

 - Log in to the Instructor's Topology page using the instructor's CloudShell lab account and click the "Commands" function on the ribbon at the top of the page:

 - Click on the Extend Reservation command, fill in the requested hours and reason for extension:


 - Click the "Run" button:

 - The command will begin and a Completed message will be returned when complete.

 - If an error was returned, please open a ticket and request an extension be granted (if possible) by the lab team. 

Known Issue: 

Do not use the portal extend icon as pointed out below. You will get a permission denied error, which is intended. Instructors must follow the method explained above to extend a class. Student account should not be used to extend classes.  



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