Working with Lab Resources

From the topology view, you will interact with the lab resources (hardware and virtual machines, joining via VPN, etc.). Hover over a device or resource to see the tool call-out.

There are two primary tools you will use to interact with the lab devices.

 - The "Connect" Arrow (i.e. the "Down" arrow) - Used for connecting to the resource in various ways (telnet, SSH, Console, VNC, etc.). Note that not all devices have all connection methods available and only the connection methods available will be shown. Visit our Connecting to Resources article to learn more about the various ways to connect to a resource.

NOTE: Some Firewalls/Proxy servers may not allow direct connections to IP address URLs by default. Please be sure to follow our connectivity requirements as described here.

 - The "Command" Arrow (i.e. the "Run" arrow) - Used for running device specific commands. Clicking this arrow will slide out a command window from the right hand side of the page. Select the appropriate command and run it. Examples include power-cycling a device, getting device information or pinging. Visit our Running Resource Commands article to find out more about using resource commands. 

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